Monday, June 7, 2010

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BYU NewsNet - Flash Version of Daily News for May 21, 2008
This was fun. I got to be an anchor on BYU TV a little over 2 years ago.

Quiet Time

I like it.

I appreciate it.

There is already enough going on in my mind to have extra noise streaming from a TV/Radio/phone.

I realize that me enjoying quiet time is me enjoying me. I like who I am and am content being with myself.

This will pay off when Michael is gone for a month at summer training or when he's deployed in the future.

And when we have children some day it will be ever more important I make time for my own quiet time.

It seems like quiet time is part of having a balanced life. Just like there are times to sing and talk and be entertained by streaming noises, there is a time to be quiet.

I'm so grateful I grew up with a "quiet time" at church every week. While the sacrament is passed at Church, everyone is quiet. There are faint sounds from the occasional whispers, people shifting in their seats, the deacons walking with up an down the isle with their trays, but for the most part, it's quiet. This 10-12 minutes of quiet time is time to think about the one we're all there to worship; Jesus Christ. We think about His sacrifice, His teachings, His perfect example and the blessings of repentance and starting anew after taking the sacrament (like a re-baptism). I never noticed until now, but that quiet time taught me that quiet time is important. If we could have some quiet time every day, maybe we'd be more prepared for the more formal quiet times when we're expected to honor someone or something. Maybe it would come more natural to sit and clear our minds of worldly tasks and hobbies and focus on what's really important.

President Hinckley (15th Latter-day Prophet) said,

"The Lord’s way is quiet, it is a way of peace..."