Sunday, April 10, 2011

An old post I never published

(a good reminder of the blessing Sarah is to M and me!!)

"I love feeling my baby move"

Wow, what a miraculous thing to be able to feel a baby move inside of you. It is what makes me happy throughout the day. I'll be sitting somewhere, maybe I'm tired or not feeling 100% and then I'll feel her kick. And I can't help but smile!

She just kicked 3 quick times in a row, like she's knocking on my belly, "Knock, knock, knock!"
I love it!

And to have Michael be able to feel it too! It's so fun sharing the amazement of our little baby in the womb who will be with us in 4 short months.

Thanks be to our Heavenly Father for this blessing- one of the greatest, I believe, we will ever receive.