Sunday, September 5, 2010

My mission

A topic I bring up all the time, and maybe annoy people with. But there are many legitimate reasons.
My heart was touched in ways it never had been.
God lead me to people that I thought I would help and then they ended up making my life sweeter than I could have ever imagined.

Mirza was one of those people.

We were teaching another family that lived in the same apartment and she stood in the background and listened. When we returned to see if they had read and prayed, Mirza came up and told us that after overhearing our lesson she read from The Book of Mormon and prayed. We started teaching her, her husband and her son. Her son was baptized quickly, he was 10 years-old. Mirza and her husband had to wait to be baptized because they were still not married. We taught them a couple times a week and with each lesson they wanted to be baptized more and more.

Mirza got sick and we spent hours in the hospital with her. When she couldn't be in the hospital she was in her bed. We would come with lessons of comfort and inspiration (since we had taught her everything she needed to know to be baptized). We would sit on the side of the bed. Because all three in her family shared that one room , it was usually pretty crowded, but we loved it. My companion and I would cry when we talked about her and prayed for her. Then, I moved areas and soon after that learned she was life-flighted from St. George to Salt Lake City because they found a brain tumor.

I finished my mission while she was still in the Salt Lake Huntsman Center for Cancer Research and patients. I got to take my mom and my sister to visit her. I'll never forget the sweet smile she had on her face. She was our angel. But she always called us her angels. She told me that her last wish before she passes was to be baptized. I told her I hoped it would come true and that I would always love her and pray for her.

I returned back to Seattle after my mission and thought about her sometimes.
After returning to school I got the news that she passed away. But the sister missionary that told me she had passed also told me that before she died she was able to marry her husband and be baptized. She described the baptism to me. Mirza could not walk by then because the cancer had affected her body so badly. Four men had to be in the baptismal font with her, helping her in and then helping her go under the water all the way to be baptized. The pictures of her were beautiful! She was so happy. So happy.

She died a few weeks later.

Now she really is my angel.