Friday, August 16, 2013

A Comparison of our jobs... not to compare.

Right now I'm a stay-at-home mom. 

Can I compare my job to my husbands? 

Right now he is a pilot trainee for the Air Force.

Can he compare his job to mine?

Is something important because it's hard to do or is it hard to do because it's important? Or can it be easy even though it's important, even the most important.

Does a regulated schedule make something more difficult?

Does regular grading make a job more stressful?

Could I say I am graded regularly because I judge myself and my performance constantly and expect better every day?

Couldn't we both just respect each others' jobs and be satisfied?

How do we show respect for each others' responsibilities?

When I make breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes in one day for my hubs, help him find numerous possessions he has temporarily lost, clean the dishes he dirtied, clean the toilet we both use, and do everything I can to raise the daughter we both had a hand in bringing to the world... I feel like I'm supporting him.

But how can he support me? 

When he's so busy working, preparing, studying, fixing. 

What do I, what can I, expect of him?

This is a mystery and a balancing act of expectations and understanding I hope to crack and conquer soon...

Before I go crazy.

Note: my husband is kind, considerate and respectful... we're just normal and this post is about working some kinks out that I want to work out.