Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Deleting Pictures and Videos


What if I delete something I shouldn’t have?
Then the memory will be lost forever, right?
It means that whatever we did or showed or learned or discovered in that video is lost, right?
Sarah won’t remember it right? She won’t have a clear or accurate or positive memory of her childhood?
Good parents take good pictures and make them easily accessible to their kids for the rest of their lives.
I won’t have evidence that I was a good parent if I delete these videos.
I am afraid of deleting anything.
I will be so sad.
I will be depressed.
People are counting on me to show them pictures and videos of our lives and if I can’t then I am not doing a good job as a daughter, mother, daughter-in-law, granddaughter or wife.
Michael will be upset if I delete something he wished I didn’t.
If I don’t delete them they will crash my computer eventually and I’ll lose everything.
I can’t make decisions.
I’m too indecisive.
I’m too sensitive.
I’m too sentimental.
Pictures are just things… but they mean so much! They show joy and love and happiness and family and relationships and the beauty and wonder of my children and their experiences.


I will keep pictures that have meaning, impact and are clear and can be enjoyed by everyone.

I will do a little bit every day.

I will clean up my computer and then back it all up so my photos and documents will be preserved.

If I were to lose everything tomorrow, all of my pictures, I would still be a good mom.  I would still be a good daughter.  I would still be a good daughter-in-law.  I would still be a good wife.  My kids, parents, in-laws and husband would all still love me very much.

I can delete a picture I like if there is a similar picture that shows a similar time period that's of better quality and can be enjoyed by many.

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