Thursday, January 30, 2014

We're buying a house

I've waited way too long to write this post.  At night words and sentences that flow into complete essays go through my mind and out my ears.  Here's what I've been thinking about.

Moving. We're moving into a house that we're buying.  We've never bought a house. While we looked for a house I felt like I was making the biggest decision of my life next to who to marry and I think that feeling was accurate.  We're in a contract now, and will close in a matter of days.  It's definitely a scary move, (accidental pun) but I've tried really hard to push out all fearful thoughts and remember the peace I felt throughout the process.  We prayed for direction and help for at least a month straight and there was a feeling of faith and patience in our home and in our relationship as we tried to live worthy of Heavenly Father's direction.

It's interesting... praying for help for something like this.  I know our decision to buy this house wasn't wrong and I feel like it was very likely was the best decision we could have made with our time and money right now but, that doesn't mean owning this house we'll be all cake and roses.  In fact, I know for sure it won't be.   It will be exciting and wonderful but at the same time stressful and overwhelming.   We'll be paying a small mortgage but expenses we never dreamed about will come up more than we planned for and more than we will like them to.

Still, I think it's good we're buying a house.  It's good financially and it's already been good for our marriage and family and personal growth.  We've learned to work together and lean on each others knowledge while researching and making decisions.  We have to put a great deal of trust in the other and in Heavenly Father.  It's uncomfortable which also tells me that it's good.  Discomfort can always bring growth and eventual increased comfort in the road we've taken as a family.

Another positive thing that has come of home-buying is the respect we've gained for my mom.  She is a killer realtor (you know what I mean) and has offered her expert opinion and advice along every step- because I've asked for it.  She has also been extremely respectful of our decision-making capabilities and left us to do what we feel is best in the end.  I knew her job was demanding and that she was good at it but, dang, it's cool to hear her go off about everything in all the real estate terms I'm finally coming to understand!  I love hearing her tell me how excited she is for us and that we've done such a good job throughout the whole process- that really means a lot to me!  Although I'll always need her more as my "mom", it's refreshing to connect with her on a level that is so familiar to her and on which she's used to only connecting with her peers.

Not only my mom but my siblings have been more than willing to help me when I need it also.  Rach, Den and Mike... you rock. Any time I call they're happy to stop whatever they're doing to advise me or answer any questions.  They really are all incredible people and so kind to me.

Well, that will do for today. Maybe my mind won't be so busy creating essays for the air tonight because I actually got this one out in writing.

Have you bought a house or made a huge decision like this that brought you closer to Heavenly Father and your family?  I'm so happy to hear your stories.


  1. Yippee! We are so excited for you Mint!

  2. Sorry, I didn't even know you were buying a house.